Writing Samples: Books

I’ve written several books and a Master’s thesis and also edited PhD theses. The samples below, though, are books that I’ve written and sell under Lori Wolf-Heffner. If you’re looking for a ghostwriter or writing coach, I can help, whether it’s your first novel that you’re trying to write, a memoir, a short ebook, or any other long-form project. Contact me to discuss your project!

Postcards in a Closet

Katharina Wolf was born in a small town in Hungary in 1901. In 1914, the Great War broke out. In 1919, her hometown became part of Romania. In 1921, she became pregnant with her first child. What did she worry about? What did she want for her child? Using postcards Katharina wrote years later, discussions… Read MorePostcards in a Closet »