Lori is spooky-good at writing for us. She easily understands our nitty-gritty technical details, niche audience, and critical internal requirements. After quickly demonstrating the ability to create rich, compelling copy in any length. She moved on to predicting our requirements better than an internal writer could have. Lori may be psychic, or better yet, an amazing resource for any marketing...



I worked with Lori for nearly three years and during this time, found her to be responsive, professional and able to get things done with her ‘can do’ attitude. It was a pleasure to work with someone with a great knowledge of the internal systems and what needs to be done to move projects or difficult situations forward in a positive and constructive way.

Catch Feedback


Despite the long distance between us, I feel like Lori is sitting next to me and reading my thoughts: she sees the essence of the issue, feels the tone of voice which is needed and she is always on time! Her writing involves, touches and at the same time is as structured as the foundation of a great big house. Working with Lori is great not only because of her great personal characteristics (she...



Lori is a joy and a pleasure to work with. She listens to your needs and can even offer insightful tips on how to improve your requests and strategies if necessary. I am always happy with the content she delivers. It’s good to have Lori in your corner.



It was a pleasure to have Lori on my team. Her skills in organization, project management, communications, and professional writing were key in moving a number of marketing projects forward. She has a strong attention to detail and quality. Lori is able to take on different projects and jump in with both feet and more important, is quick to learn. She is a strong team player with a ‘can...

Companies I’ve Helped

Lori Straus has written for FleetCarma.
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