Social Media Services in a Pinch: Temporary Help Available

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Do you need temporary social media help? I’m a freelance copywriter and social media coordinator, so I’m used to jumping in and out of projects. If the person or team responsible for your social media can’t work because of the current situation, I’m offering temporary social media services to keep your social media accounts active until your team is back on its feet again.

Social Media Services During the Coronavirus

  • I’ll monitor up to 3 social media accounts, logging in daily from Monday to Friday for 15 minutes. I’ll respond and create/share fresh content as time allows.
  • I offer this program by the week. If your social media team is ready to step in again, email me before 8:30 AM EDT Monday morning to cancel.
  • This rate and program are available until May 31, 2020. You will not be automatically moved over to my usual social media services after this date or charged anything extra outside of this program.

The Cost for Last-Minute Help: Much Cheaper Than You Think

The rates below work out to about 45% off my usual rates.

  • $50/week for services as described above, with one login portal (e.g., Hootsuite)
  • $5/account/week for individual login (i.e., I have to log in to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn separately)
  • Additional accounts $15/week, which includes an additional 5 minutes/day/account

The fine print:

  • I charge by the week for these social media services, not by the day. So, once a week has begun, you will be charged for it. If your team is ready to go mid-week, feel free to send one or two small tasks my way if you’d like your team to take over posting again. For example, I could do a little hashtag research for you.
  • This service doesn’t include hashtag research (except as explained in the previous point), performance reporting, or strategy. However, I will follow any hashtag and strategy guidelines you provide me.

How to Book Temp Social Media Services

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  1. Call me at 519-503-7098 between 8:30 and 5:00 EDT to discuss your situation. If you’re truly facing an emergency, e.g., it’s Saturday at 8:30PM and your social media person has called to say they’ve fallen ill or need to care for someone who has fallen ill, call me anyway. Just please don’t call between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM. (I often check email once every hour or two, so calling me will get you an immediate response.)
  2. Fill out the form below so I know the basics about your social media feeds.
  3. Arrange for access for me to the accounts I need to monitor by the start date. If you are sending me your company’s login credentials, you must agree to change them after social media duties have returned to your company.

Companies I’ve Helped

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