What are My Rates?

I know rates and budget are among the first things that come to mind when you’re looking for a freelancer, and I know it’s frustrating looking for pricing without actually seeing anything listed. Let me briefly explain why my rates aren’t published.

Why Different Rates for Different Projects?

Because different industries have different pricing models. For example, translation is typically charged by the word, as is writing for a magazine. In addition, that per-word price changes depending on the assignment.

Now, let’s look at editing and copywriting. Editing might be charged by the word, page, or hour, again, depending on the type of assignment. Copywriting rarely goes by the word (though it can) and is usually quoted by the hour or project.

And there are many more factors that play a role. If you’d like like to learn more, click over to my article that discusses how freelancers set their prices. Otherwise, just keep reading and you’ll move on to what you can expect when you hire me.

What’s Included With My Rates?

Projects require a minimum of two hours and will therefore cost over $100. Outside of that, the best way to get an estimate of your project is to request a quote. Regardless of the final cost, though, here’s what you can expect when you hire me:

  • My voice on the phone (as opposed to a call centre agent’s)

  • My words in all my emails (as opposed to a virtual assistant’s)

  • Content customized to your company’s voice and style

  • Original content that will not be sold to anyone else (because once you’ve paid for the project, copyright is yours)

  • Custom research where needed

  • A native English speaker who can write in Canadian and American English (that should be a given, but these days it isn’t)

  • A writer who is fluent in German and therefore has access to more information than a monolingual English writer

  • A team player who can lead and follow as needed and align herself to your company’s style guide and other requirements

I’ll be transparent in my pricing and will let you know where you can save on project costs, because my focus is on building trustworthy relationships with my clients.

Do I Have a Referral Program?

Absolutely. My referral program is simple: 10% off the next 10 hours of work for both the existing client and new one. There are only three rules:

  1. The referral must sign on for a minimum of five hours of work.
  2. The discount must be used up within one year.
  3. The discount may be applied to only one project, though the project may include several components.

And that’s it! It’s my way of saying “Thank you!” to my current clients and “Welcome!” to my new ones.

So, What Do You Do Next?

That’s also simple.

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