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Postcards in a Closet

Cover of "Postcards in a Closet," by Lori StrausKatharina Wolf was born in a small town in Hungary in 1901. In 1914, the Great War broke out. In 1919, her hometown became part of Romania. In 1921, she became pregnant with her first child. What did she worry about? What did she want for her child? Using postcards Katharina wrote years later, discussions with one of her surviving grandchildren, and historical research about the times, writer Lori Straus attempts to answer these questions.

Read the news release about Postcards in a Closet.

The book sells for about $9 CAD, depending on where you’re ordering it from, and is available through the following channels:

Amazon Canada

Amazon US

Amazon Germany

iBooks (via your Mac or iOS device)



What a treasure of a read.


Just finished reading the kindle edition… thoroughly enjoyed it!