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Magazine Writer for Dance and Related Topics

As a writer for dance, I aim to pull out the creativity and hard work that makes up a dancer. Whether it’s young, up-and-coming stars, like Vivian Hicks or Flow XS, or a master of the dance world, like Jeff Hyslop or Evelyn Hart, I find the angle that will most interest readers.

But it’s not just professional dancers that make up the dance world. Alongside reviews and interviews from the pro world, I’ve also spoken with physiotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists, competition directors, and, of course, students so I can give readers as much useful and expert information as possible.

My Dance Background in a Shoe Bag

Expertise isn’t garnered just by reading books and going to shows. I studied dance for over 20 years and still attend adult classes when time allows. Below you’ll find a very brief synopsis of my dance training.


Tap was my forte. I completed all Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association (CDTA) student exams. My competition career culminated in competing on Canada’s first national tap dance team, back in 1996, and again in 1997, at the World Tap Championships in Germany. Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire? Gene Kelly.


Jazz technique excited me. Doing corner-to-corner technique practice was my favourite lesson plan. I studied CDTA exams and competed for about 15 years. Hip hop was just coming on to the scene in my teens.


I taught tap, jazz, and ballet at various times over a 10-year period. I especially enjoyed teaching the beginner classes, because the students were so new to dance and so excited to do it, their enthusiasm was incredibly contagious.


I studied RAD ballet up to what was then elementary. I joined an intermediate class in my late 20s and realized I still had it! Pointe was by far my favourite. Double-shank shoes, please!

Irish Dance

I dabbled in Irish dance in my late teens, when Riverdance surprised the world, and again in my 30s. It’s a lot harder dancing with both feet always directly underneath you and your arms tucked in at your sides.

Dance Mom

I’ve now come full circle. One son dances recreationally at the moment, and the other is in gymnastics; I’ll leave competition up to them. But I understand that feeling when you see your children perform and wonder, “Did they get that from me?” (Actually, now that they’re a little older from when I wrote this, my son in gymnastics bends in half backwards, and my son in hip-hop has found his personal, cool groove. So, the answer is no, they didn’t get that from me. Sigh.)

Available for Hire

I’ve written for The Dance Current, Dance Canada Quarterly, and just dance! magazine, and I also write my own blog on creativity. You can view some examples of my portfolio on my website or email me and I’d be happy to supply you with samples.

With so many years in dance, curtain time has become deadline. Out of the dozens of articles I’ve written since first writing for magazines, in 2010, I’ve asked for extensions only three times, because the story changed as I was researching it and I needed to accommodate interviewees’ schedules. In other words, short of acts of God, you’ll have your stories in on time and at the right word count.

If you’re looking for a writer, whether a Canadian/Ontarian regular correspondent, a writer for dance who can conduct interviews in German, or an occasional contributor who steps in when your regular writers take vacation or get sick, I’m available for your magazine or blog. Just drop me a line.

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