Lori Straus: Your Freelance Writer, Editor, and Translator

Headshot of Lori Straus, copywriter and German translator.

The journey to becoming a freelance writer, editor, and translator who specializes in arts and technology sectors started over 10 years ago.

Arts & Technology: the Pre-Quill

After two academic degrees in Canada and three years of living in Germany (two of those teaching English), I began marketing for arts organizations in Kitchener, Ontario, in 2005.

In 2009, I switched sectors and joined OpenText, Canada’s largest independent software company, where I worked with customers, sales reps, consultants, and marketers from all over the world. I wrote how-tos, managed the then-new customer e-newsletter, edited whitepapers, and helped market the annual conference.

Four years later, I moved to a German Studies research centre and took care of its digital and print marketing, working with the centre’s director and the university communications teams to market a wide range of events, from lectures to new publications to reading groups. My job also entailed keeping an eye on trends in academic discourse and research and sharing those via social media.

The Present

I started freelancing in 2010, when a dance magazine accepted my query, and my list of clients has grown since. Moving between arts and tech keeps me focused in the middle, so I can take your specialized knowledge and re-create it for a more general audience.

What have I written? Lots. Blog posts, web copy, brochures, info sheets, feature articles, how-tos, and profiles. I’ve translated marketing collateral, genealogical documents, moderately technical articles, German media coverage, and more. I also published my first book in July 2016 and contributed a chapter to a book on local history that is set for publication in 2018.

That’s All Nice, But Why Do I Need a Freelancer?

As a freelancer, I step in only when and where you need me. It’s a nice, convenient setup. If you’re not sure if it’s right for you, though, have a look at my page on the differences between freelance and employed writers. Hiring an employee and contracting a freelancer are useful in different situations, so make sure you’re looking for the right solution to answer your needs.

Call Me for Your Freelance Writing, Editing, and Translation Needs

I’d love to answer whatever questions you have, whether about my experience, working with a freelance writer/editor/translator, or to give you a quote for an upcoming project.

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