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Car Caddy for Kids

Car Caddy by Lori Straus

I have a mild addiction to Pinterest: not only is that social platform full of ideas, it’s also full of people’s adaptations of other people’s ideas. I’m adding to the latter group. After buying my sewing machine and making almost 30 eye pillows for various gifts (to practice sewing straight lines – not very easy), I started branching out and looking for other ideas. I came across this car caddy for kids.Car Caddy from blogger This Mom's Heart When my oldest saw this car caddy, he insisted I make it for him. I can’t say no to personal craft requests from my kids. I spent about a month or so figuring out measurements and do the cutting, because I wanted something easier, and then spent about two weeks sewing the first one and a few hours sewing the second one.

The curved track from This Mom’s Heart seemed too advanced for me. I didn’t want to cut out curves, sew them together, and then turn them inside out. So I did all rectangles. I also didn’t want to cut out and glue street stripes, so I simply sewed white and yellow lines to mark the road.

My main goal was to make something suitable for restaurants that the kids could share with a friend sitting opposite them at the table. The children often take some toy cars along to play with, and this fabric is 100% cotton, so cleaning wouldn’t be a problem. I thought this would be the perfect restaurant distractor.

The back is one piece of fabric. The front part of the pouch is a separate piece, because I tried to cut it out such that the pouches would allow for a bit more room. (Wasn’t necessary.) The black “asphalt” is denim that I got on sale at a local fabric store. I had some yellow edging I had inherited with the sewing machine table from my mom, so I used that to finish off the pouch (before sewing the vertical lines in).

I did the street lines, construction appliqués, and blue felt (a pond or a lake) first. I then sewed the denim and construction panels inside out along three edges, turned everything right side out, and then sewed across the bottom of the asphalt. I sewed the edging on to the pouch piece. Afterwards, I placed the pouch piece and the back panel together, front sides facing, and sewed along three sides. I turned those right side out, sewed the vertical lines in to make the pouches, and voilà!

If I were to do this project over again, I would have made the denim the same length as the back panel and then simply folded the bottom up to make the pouches. That would’ve added more structure to the entire caddy, and you wouldn’t see the backside of the construction fabric inside the pouches.

The kids absolutely loved their new toys. For about ten minutes. Then they tossed their caddies on the floor among their other toys and, so far as I know, don’t play with them anymore. Oh well! Such is the life of a mom!Cary Caddy by Lori Straus.02Car Caddy by Lori Straus

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